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Come grow with us

Succession planning

It’s never too late to start succession planning and seldom too early

Hallmark characteristics of a good family business have always been communication and planning. Inclusive, practical and non emotion driven discussions by the family around longer term planning is important for a successful business, whether a machinery dealership, or a broadacre grower. Undertaking a succession planning process in a formalised manner including all parties, some which are often forgotten, including spouses, children, lawyers, bankers and even consultants, has enormous benefits.

If you look at your own farming business – are you ready? If not, what plans are in place to get there? Start planning early and talk to a professional with the right attitude and skills, like us.


Interviews with our Succession Specialists


Meet Our Succession Specialists

Dale Woodruff


Lea Williams


Ryan Naughton


Brant Jansen


Scott Smith


Simon Northey


Craig Lane


Eamonn Lanagan


Neil Hooper

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Superannuation is an amazing tax concession. My tax specialization is super, so call me biased, however I believe super is as good as, if not even better, than some of the primary production tax concessions available to our farmers. 

Succession planning has become much more personal and relationship-based than the traditional understanding of the transfer of assets.

G’day legends, this is another Beyond The Tax Return episode with Jared Ryan who knows a thing or two about planning.

Sacred Obligation

15 DEC 2021

I am often queried by clients “Who controls my SMSF if I die?” My answer is that you look to the rules of the SMSF, which are contained in the trust deed.

What does retirement from the family farm mean to you?This is a question often shrouded in doubt, differing views, and one not always answered with the luxury of time for our older generation of WA farmers.

SHOULD I pay our family farm member a wage or cash drawing? This was a popular question readers asked after reading Eamonn Lanagan’s Farm Weekly article “Pay up”.

G’day farmers and welcome to the inaugural harvest series for the Farms Advice Podcast. Here we will dive behind the scenes to see how Australia gets the crop off wi

We look at succession planning and how you can start it today to make it easier for you in the long run.

Pay Up!

19 August 2021

The decision by today’s younger generation to come home to the farm is not straight forward.

“G’day Brendan” says Scott the accountant to the second-generation farmer from Narembeen. “So Brendan, your father indicated you’re wanting to prepare a succession

Succession Planning – To some it’s a dirty word that conjures up feelings of fear and anxiety, for others it’s a conversation/process that can’t be talked about…

Dowerin competition